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About our software

new media development specialise in providing custom solutions that provide 'desktop like' functionality using the Internet.

Our software development mainly focuses on servers running Microsoft Windows and we have had extensive experience developing server software on the Windows platform since Windows NT 3.51 right up to the latest in Windows technology.

By specialising in the development of Internet applications, new media development have to develop their software to the highest standards. After all, no-one wants a server to fail as they are often expected to run for months, if not years at a time. All of our software is heavily stress tested, and checked for memory leaks, and other such problems using the latest in automated testing technologies. We also employ cutting edge server logging functions that can help us reduce the time to fix by an order of magnitude should a problem arise with our software.

Bespoke software development

We offer a full software development service to clients, providing bespoke applications that run native to Windows or we can develop full web-applications to meet your requirements.

If you can communicate it, we can develop it!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements today.

About new media development

new media development has been providing software solutions since 1992, originally working on and winning awards with software for the Amiga range of computers and in 1994, moving over to PC and finally in 1996, Internet development where we have gained much experience in developing Enterprise level solutions for our customers.